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A Ralph Wood figure of Jupiter.

A very rare Ralph Wood figure of Jupiter , c. 1780, carrying a thunderbolt like a sceptre in his right hand, impressed 76. Earthenware china glaze (Blueish glaze) but otherwise undecorated. 290 mm high, base 90mm square , This is a very rare model, there is an example in the City Museum Stoke on Trent. There is some repair and a replaced septre. Stock No SA1082 Price £C

Two Davenport creamware bough pots.

Two rare examples of Davenport creamware Bough Pots, c 1795, painted in sepia, one with a rustic landscape, buildings and figures, the other with ruins, the handles are naturalistic, 24cm and 18.5 cm wide, lacking pierced covers. Both have been stabilised. Stock No SA1183 Price £B

An Prattware type figure of Apollo.

An earthenware figure of Apollo, c. 1790, on square plinth base, simple Pratt colours, 14cm high Stock No SA1117 Price £B


A Prattware type figure of a fishergirl.

An earthenware figure of a fishergirl c. 1790, on a squared plinth base, Pratt colours, 14cm high Stock No SA1118 Price £B
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A Pearlware model of a Lion.

A Staffordshire Pearlware recumbent lion modelled on a green glazed base, small body chip repair. c. 1810 Stock No SA1206 Price £C